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consultoresOrganizations today request from their advisors a type of service which combines its traditional technical expertise with the ability to position themselves in their business so that their presence can be used as a total resource.

Through our experience, we have learned that the best way to create value in a company is by providing a comprehensive service to meet all the needs and requirements of the business activity so as to achieve a complete satisfaction of the contracted services.

As a way to achieve the above goal, we provide a group of highly qualified professionals to work in the different areas related to Business Advisory. Along with this, we have promoted the creation of other companies specialized in other fields, each one of them being headed by highly qualified personnel who are able to manage the services with a focus on meeting the requirements of each company's specific market with quality service.

MCG group was created to cover a wide range of services through the provision of truly comprehensive, effective and efficient consulting services to create value in a given company.

We are currently under the process of certification of our Quality Management System based on the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 so that we can provide confidence that our internal processes have been controlled and, to ensure that our services meet all the requirements for a quality service.

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Huérfanos 1052, Piso 9, Santiago.

T. (56 2)2611 0360 / (56 2)2611 0361 / (56 9) 9 6657 9524

Quinta 187, oficina 3, Viña del Mar.

T. (56 32) 254 1563 / (56 32) 254 1560 / (56 32) 254 1561


Avenida Monseñor Rivero 245, Oficina 6, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia

Fono (591) (3) 329 7632


Av. Santo Toribio 173. Vía Central 125.

Torre Real Ocho, Piso 16. San Isidro, L27.

T. (511) 712 27 08

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